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For over 25 years LA Tennis (LAT) has managed the tennis operations at many of the top parks, tennis facilities and clubs around the world. The success of LAT as a management company can be attributed to our focus on providing quality programs and professionals and an unrelenting passion for customer service. 

The business of tennis relies on the delivery of quality programs and personalized service. LAT separates itself from other tennis management companies and individuals in the tennis industry through our hiring, training, forward thinking and continuing education programs.

Listed below are some of the things that LA Tennis does best in the industry and we are here to share them with you if you need our assistance or expertise. 

Thank You,

Brent Pettersson 

Founder and CEO LA Tennis Inc



Breathtaking tennis court properties are a luxurious feature of the California landscape. For this reason LA Tennis has paired with some of the industry’s leading real estate professionals to provide a full-service brokerage experience for clients with tennis court homes. Our umbrella of businesses in landscaping and court maintenance allow us to serve tennis court homeowners to the highest level.

If you’re looking to monetize your personal tennis courts, either by hosting special events or through listing your property for sale, LA Tennis Homes and Estates is uniquely positioned to be your point of contact. Owned and operated by tennis and real estate professionals, we have world class clients paying top dollar for access to the best courts. If you want to connect with people who share your appreciation for tennis courts, tennis court properties, and expertly landscaped hospitality retreats, we are here to “serve” you.



If you have tennis courts that need cleaning, but don’t have the time or the manpower to do the job yourself, leverage LA Tennis Concierge. Our court washing team has over 20 years of experience, and as a tennis company, we have unparalleled attention to detail when it comes to maintaining a court for optimum playing conditions. Whether you need your courts cleaned every week, or just need a team to do a routine touch up every once in a while, we can assist you in maintaining your courts. Pricing is competitive and service is unmatched.


Optimize your tennis! 
Could your tennis programming be more dynamic? Do you need a better system in place to boost your bottom line? Are your clients happy with the service you’re providing them?
LA Tennis offers consulting services which identify strengths, weaknesses and outline a clear roadmap for your business goals nationwide.

We have over 20 years of industry experience, from the best court reservation software hacks to training for coaches, to marketing and implementation. If you know that you’re close to building a thriving tennis business, but just need some extra direction in getting your facility off the ground, we are here to help!

You may just decide to have LA Tennis manage your facility and/or programming as many tennis locations have chosen to do, or you might just use the report and do it yourself. Give Brent Pettersson a call today to get started (323) 580-8443



What to expect...

Listing Your Court With LA Tennis

It’s simple, add information and photos, then choose your price and schedule. Your property address remains private throughout the transaction, and is only revealed to the client once a reservation is confirmed and paid for.

Guests will review your listing and request to reserve the court, like they would any other reservation. You, the owner, can opt to accept or decline the request, depending on their user reviews and reputation.

You Don't Have to Be Present To Make Money Put Your Passive Income On Autopilot

Generate passive revenue simply from owning a tennis court, while continuing to use your home as you normally do. You control the hours, the clients, and the price, so where’s the downside risk? You pay property taxes, right? Why not cover the costs of homeownership with a low stress side-hustle?

Get Paid Immediately

LA Tennis acts as a custodian to guarantee secure payment.

Renting to LA Tennis Professionals

For over 20 years, LA Tennis has tutored thousands of students across Southern California. Our experience working with clients from ages 3 to 75 make us uniquely positioned to coach in any type of environment. We’ve hand selected the most dynamic tennis professionals in the state of California to serve as your personal trainers, and the kicker is you get paid for it.

You can either use your court as a hospitality resort, or as a forum for a community live ball program. Either way, it’s a customizable experience. If you want to rent out to private

parties only, it’s your house. If you want to create a weekly or monthly tradition, Clients can choose to take a class at your home and a LA Tennis Certified instructor is there to meet them!.

Your Financial Incentives: The Process is Smooth and Hassle Free

LA Tennis will pay rents to participating homeowners that are much higher than any other arrangement in the tennis industry. We carry insurance so your risk is limited as a homeowner or an HOA. Instructors are each individually insured as well, adding another layer of liability that you don’t have to worry about.

Again, any hours that are off limits or special requests are automatically accommodated: it’s your property! Cancellation fees will also serve as a way to protect your time, and build commitment for reservations.

Legally, we will work with you to draft any release waivers or non-disclosure agreements if necessary when renting a property out for lessons.

We all want to make money, and we all love tennis. Leverage the incredible depth of experience that LA Tennis has to offer and become the star of your own show with a personalized tennis experience that clients and friends will never forget.



A picture is worth a thousand words, and video analysis is worth a thousand lessons. Click here to access our online tutorials, developed exclusively by the talented staff professionals at LA Tennis. Our library includes a variety of lesson plans, from basic groundstroke hacks to detailed match analysis and strategy.



LAT is in business because we love tennis. We are not only tennis teaching pros, facility managers and owners, but we are tennis players. Our love and respect for the game gives us the tools to provide a highly adaptable model for any size tennis facility that your members and guests are sure to enjoy. We are also the most diverse minority company in the tennis industry.

From site planning to daily tennis operations, we are hands on in customizing, implementing and maintaining the perfect program for your tennis needs. As your needs change, so can we. We customize each tennis service agreement to suit your facility’s unique needs.

Our world-class staff has provided premier services for facilities around the world from high-end resorts like The Ritz-Carlton and Club Med to Community Centers and Local Public Parks. We have the experience needed to handle any size facility from a 50-court active tennis academy to a one court apartment complex.


We look forward to working with you

Brent Pettersson , CEO LAT


© 2021 LA Tennis Inc

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