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For Adult and Junior private, semiprivate and group lessons contact the teaching professional of your choice. All staff professionals are certified United States Professional Teachers Association members with an Elite rating, plus all of our professionals take continuing educational credits to maintain their membership and skills. The entire staff is also subject to adhere to many of the City of Los Angeles’s requirements to work at public facilities. Welcome to  Westchester LA Tennis Center.


Adult Group Classes

Beginner - Advanced Levels

  • Tuesdays     7-8:30pm Level 3.0-3.5 Terry Chambers

  • Wednesday 7-8:30pm Level 3.5-40 Ted Hall

  • Wednesday 7-8:30pm Level 3.0-3.5 Marcin Kosakowski

  • Saturday     8:30-10am Level 3.0-3.5 Terry Chambers

(Ranking system is below at bottom of page, please check before selecting your level class).

Price: $30 per class with registration

          $125 for 5 sessions - must be taken within seven weeks time frame

Moe Moe

Availability: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm 

Private Lesson: 1 Hour $85-$100; 30 Minutes (1/2) $45-$60 Private Classes: 1 Hour (2-4) players $85; 1 Hour (4-6) players $20 per person 

Contact Moe Moe: or 323-327-5654.

Moe Moe Myinttun’s passion for tennis began at a young age and was inspired by her father, who was a National Champion in their native country of Myanmar (Burma). Coached by her father, Moe Moe quickly rose through the ranks of USTA Tennis and became a top-ranked player in Southern California. As their number one player, she led Fairfax High School to a City Title in 2001 and was named Most Valuable Player.


 In 2001 Moe Moe was awarded a full scholarship to play Division 1 tennis at Cal State Northridge. After college, Moe Moe turned her attention to coaching which quickly became a passion. A member of the USPTA since 2011 she continues her family’s tradition of developing top-ranked junior players. Moe Moe is always developing new techniques for teaching an ever-changing sport with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and a positive attitude.  


She is an extremely talented and popular teacher and often has a seasonal Wait List. 


Terry Chambers

Availability: Sunday – Saturdays 7am-9:00pm

Private Lesson: 1 Hour $70; 30-Minutes $40

Private Group Classes: Contact Terry
Contact Terry: or 213-507-5734

Terry Chambers is a well certified, well-seasoned teacher and former Division 1 college player at the University of Pacific. The United States Tennis Association has certified him as a Specialist in Competitive Player Development. In 2005, Terry was recognized as the California District Three Teacher of the Year and has not slowed down since then as a member of the Southern California Tennis Association Junior Tennis Council.


Terry says that he loves to teach tennis, because it challenges players both physically and mentally. He states that his lessons lead his students to be self-reliant. He has numerous players that have received tennis scholarships to various colleges.


Terry has Adult group classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays evenings from 7-8:30pm. He has also been an important part of the Summer Camp at WTC and a popular coach for children, junior and adult players of all levels.

Ted Hall

Availability: Tuesday-Saturday 7am – 7pm

Private lessons: 1 Hour $75 30-minutes $40

Groups rates range from $15-35 depending on the size and length of the class.

Contact Info: (310) 717 7425 or

Ted Hall has been a fixture at Westchester Tennis Center for over 13 years.  A unique combination of personality and fun creates a lasting love for the game to all his clients.  He has been playing tennis since he was a child and has a true appreciation and understanding of the game. He has coached various clinics and camps including at LMU and Brady Tennis in addition to his coaching at Westchester.  Ted is married with two wonderful young boys and still lives in Westchester after graduating LMU in 2004 with a degree in Biology. Ted has many youth and adult classes available if you are interested in you or your child participating in semi-private lessons. 


Ted has an outstanding adult class on Wednesday evenings 7-8:30pm that is a fun, very social and fast moving for 3.5-4.0 rated players. Note ratings descriptions below the Adult Clinic list.


Marcin Kosakowski

Availability: Sunday – Saturday 7am – 9pm

Private Lesson: 1 Hour $75; 30-minutes $40

Group Classes: 1 Hour (2-4) players $85; 

Contact: or 562-334-5656

Marcin Kosakowski grew up in a tennis family with sister Sylvia playing for Pepperdine, sister Nicole playing for Baylor and brother Daniel playing for UCLA and later playing on the ATP tour.


Marcin had an outstanding history as a player before he entered the ranks as a teacher at the Westchester Tennis Center eleven years ago. He was ranked number three in California and number twenty-four nationally simultaneously in the Junior Division. He enjoyed a stellar career in college at University of California, Santa Barbara. He was the team Captain, Big West First Team Honoree five times and Big West Tournament MVP in 2002.


He also enjoyed the number one ranking in Southern California in both Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and held a ranking on the ATP tour that has attributed to his background in his teaching abilities and career.


He teaches private, semiprivate, group lessons and recently a Junior Satellite/Open Division team in the Westside Fall Junior League. He is also the Official Stringer for LA Tennis, Inc. 

Edwin Trellue (Director of Westchester)

(currently not accepting new private clients)

Availability for Adults: 

Private Lesson: 1 Hour $85; 30-minutes $50

Group Classes: 1 Hour (2-4) players make your own class for beginners and advanced beginners. Cost varies with the number in the class.
Availability for Juniors: Spring After School and Saturday Classes April 20th to May 30th. And the Fall After School and Saturday classes. Information coming soon.

Contact Info: (310) 902 6835 or

Coach Edwin will again be the Director of the Westchester Tennis Center’s Summer Camp June 15th to July 24th. We are offering full-day 9-4pm sessions, 9-1pm half-day morning sessions and 1-4pm half-day afternoon session to accommodate your family’s needs. More information to come very soon!

Coach Edwin Trellue has distinguished careers coaching sports, managing sports facilities and fundraising. At the age of fifteen he realized his passion to coach when he life guarded and coached the swimming team at the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. He started his tennis career at NOLTC when tennis balls were white and racquets were all made of wood. He was instrumental in starting both his high school swim and tennis teams and played both successfully at Southern Methodist University. 


Edwin particularly enjoys the platform as a coach to assist in the opportunity to teach life lessons along with his unique comprehensive style of teaching the physical and mental aspects of tennis. He sites that any child that can self-correct their mistakes during matches and overcome the many obstacles that opponents put before them, is a product of unapparelled tennis and life coaching! 


Sports along with many non-sports competitive venues properly impact and guide children to be successful in life, if their coaches and parents do the difficult tough love mentoring.


Note Coach Edwin has also written a book titled A Parent’s, Grandparent’s and Coach’s View: Parenting to Maximize a Child’s Potential. It is available on


Sports Coaching:

  • At Jesuit High School in New Orleans he coached the tennis team to two city titles and a first and second places in the Boys Division in state tourneys.

  • Selected to coach the South Carolina Jr. Davis Cup and Jr. Wightman Cup teams for two years; Hilton Head High School’s tennis team one year and the Beaufort High School in South Carolina tennis teams for four-years. Coached the Georgia Jr. Davis Cup team one year.

  • Directed tennis at the prestigious Kehoe Academy Summer Camp in New Orleans one summer before directing the Summer Camp at the Palisades Tennis Center in California. 

  • Has spent the last twelve years at the Westchester Tennis Center where he started the After School Junior Tennis Programs and Saturday classes. He worked in the Summer Camp for five-years before becoming the Director in 2016. His Junior Novice and Satellite teams either were runner-up’s or champions during a five-year span.


Sports Management:

  •  Assistant Tournament Director of the televised CBS Tennis Classic 1972; Director of Tennis Hilton Head Island Racquet Club where Stan Smith was the touring professional; Tournament Director of the Southern USTA Junior Championships held in Atlanta, Georgia in1976; Director of the Dudley Cup, Fripp Island, SC for eight years.

  • One of the founders and past presidents of the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association in 1981.  RCRA is committed to providing and promoting professional development, creative resources and networking for professionals, students, educators, vendors, and all others dedicated to delivering services in the recreation industry.

  • Vice President of Recreation (Tennis, Golf and Club) at Fripp Island Resort, SC and tournament Director of the Dudley Cup for adults and juniors for six-years; Presently Manager for LA Tennis, Inc. at Westchester Tennis Center.

Adult Group Classes

Beginner - Advanced Levels

  • Tuesdays     7-8:30pm Level 3.0-3.5 Terry Chambers

  • Wednesday 7-8:30pm Level 3.5-40 Ted Hall

  • Wednesday 7-8:30pm Level 3.0-3.5 Marcin Kosakowski

  • Saturday     8:30-10am Level 3.0-3.5 Terry Chambers

(Ranking system is below, please check before selecting your level class).

Price: $30 per class with registration

          $125 for 5 sessions- must be taken within seven weeks


The following is a helpful guide to determine your player level so you will be placed in the proper group class. Please note that any of the pros on staff can create a group class for you, especially if you fall in the 1.0 to 2.5 rating groups.


Nation Tennis Rating Program – The Short Version

1.0= This player is just starting to play tennis.

1.5= This player has limited stroke development and is working primarily on getting the ball in play. Not ready to compete.

2.0= This player needs on court experience, with emphasis on play. Requires stroke development/lessons and court positions for singles and doubles.

2.5= This player is developing anticipating the incoming balls, adjusting their footwork, how to control their swing for direction and depth, as well of how to start a match and scoring games and sets.  

3.0= This player is fairly comfortable hitting medium paced balls, yet is not comfortable with all strokes especially the serve and return of serve. Player is learning positioning and teamwork in doubles.

3.5= This player has achieved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, yet lacks depth, variety and the ability to alter distance of shots. Has difficulty with the lob, overheads, approach shots and volleys are limited. Learning to be comfortable in doubles.

4.0= This player has dependable strokes with directional control and the ability to alter depth of shots on their backhand and forehand sides with moderately hit balls. This player can use lobs, overheads approach shots and volleys with success. Their serve is more consistent and teamwork in doubles is evident.

4.5= This player can vary the use of pace and spins, has effective court coverage, can control depth of shots and is able to develop game plans according to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. Strong first serve with power and accuracy and can place their second serve. Good doubles skills and positioning.

5.0= This player has good shot anticipation and frequently has an outstanding shot or attribute around which their game can be structured. This player can regularly hit winners or forced errors off of short balls and puts away volleys and overheads. All strokes are very good, dependable and plays good singles and doubles.

5.5= This player has developed pace and/or consistency as a major weapon. Can vary strategies and styles of play in competitive situations and hit dependable shots is stress situations.

6.0-7.0=This player typically has had intense training and is training for national tournaments and has a national ranking. The 6.5-7.0 are world class players.

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