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USPTA Elite Teaching Professional


Chris Robb is a USPTA Elite Teaching Professional with over 30 years experience teaching, directing and managing in tennis facilities both in the United States as well as southeast Asia. Through June 2018 he served as the Tennis Director of the Ketchum Downtown YMCA in downtown Los Angeles for over 20 years.  As a player Chris has been ranked both sectionally and nationally in is USTA age group. 


Instructional options include individual, groups, drill and "Liveball" classes for all levels.


Contact 310.428.3777

Rackets and Net


All are advance registration by phone/email ( 
Contact 310.428.3777


Griffith Park
-Monday 4-5:30
3.0 Group lesson

-Wed 5:45-7 2.5 group lesson 2.5 level

-Wed 7-9 pm Drill Class 3.0-4.0 level
Hermon Park
-Saturday Drill 9:30-11:30 3.0-4.0 Level

Rackets and Net
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