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Member of PTR and USTA



Saul has spent the last 17 years working alongside former ATP Top 10 player, Peter Rennert. 

His extensive experience with players of all ages and skill levels has allowed Saul to teach all over the world. He spent 10 years teaching at luxury 5 star hotels in the Caribbean (Aman’s Amanyara and Amanera as well as Discoveryland’s Baker’s Bay Resort and Playa Grande), has run workshops with the men’s and women’s Stanford tennis teams, and has been a road coach for ATP pros. Whether you are a total beginner or playing at the highest levels, Saul will help take your game to the next level in ways you never thought were possible.

How to schedule

I highly recommend taking one private lesson first to get a better understanding of my specialty and to learn a variety of tools that you can then implement in group classes or playing with others.


Call or email for reservation:

Phone: (914) 320-8891


Private lessons $200/hr

Semi private (2 people) $125/person per hour

Drop in group $40-50/hr per person (depending on group size)

Private group $60-80/hr per person (group made just for you - dependent on size)


Vermont Canyon, Griffith Riverside, Hermon Park

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